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  1. Companies usually organise their accounts over a specific period of time, known as the financial year. This is usually a 12 month period, which is why Sage Accounts is set up this way. 

    At the end of each financial year you need to ensure your accounts are up to date, get any information you need for statutory submissions and prepare for the new year. It’s also a good time to review business performance.

Customer records are essential for keeping track of your customers, when you want to know what they’ve bought, or what they owe.

Each record is unique to a customer. It holds your customers details and sets out the way you do business with them, such as discounts, credit limits, etc.

If your business is VAT registered, you must submit regular VAT Returns to HMRC or Revenue.

These summarise your sales and purchases for the period and any VAT you need to pay or reclaim

Your data is important as decisions are made based on the reports you produce.

We all know mistakes can happen, whether you enter a transaction with the wrong amount or on the wrong date

Reconciling your bank, helps ensure that that you’re entering accurate information into your accounts.

Once you’ve reconciled your bank, it enables you understand the current position of your bank account, helping you manage your cashflow better.

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