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  1. I paid for cruise with my credit card and I didn’t receive any notification for refund.According to the “Coronavirus: Guidance and Information” article posted at, if your holiday has been affected (such as a cancelled flight) or an event you booked has been cancelled, you should contact your travel provider or event organiser first. You may be able to rearrange the holiday or get a refund. Then, contact Capital One Customer Service at and provide them with full details regarding your issue. Please note that you can dispute a charge even after the planned service date.

According to the Capital One Customer Service page at, the Capital One mailing address is

Capital One 15000 Capital One Drive 1680 Capital One Drive Mclean, Virginia 22102 United States

Hi, I am sending you this email because a while ago I received a notification that my credit card has been used at a duty free shop in Subic , Philippines. The card was lost in transit from USA to the Philippines between(March-June 2020) I have not used the card for the last 4 years since I moved to the Philippines hence I have no access to it.

I reported an unusual activity of the card before sometime 2016, a new card was sent to my former address in the US that I have not received, since my friend have trashed all my mails. I asked my friend to sent my replacement cards here in the Philippines but unfortunately stolen while in transit through unregistered courier. Please freeze the card and send a replacement card to my US address in Globe Arizona or through a registered mail here in the Philippines. Thank you so much for the attention to this matter.

Long story short. I received a credit card shortly after that I got sick and lost my job.

And that was before the corona virus. I need to know what I could do to lift the restrictions.

I called and waited online over a period of days into weeks. I then sent out emails and I received a terse email in regards to my accounts.

With no rectification of my accounts.

I would like to get this problem resolved as soon as possible. I look forward to hearing back from you in regards to my accounts.

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