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Athena is not a broker either! We are a digital and direct lender – and the provider of credit. This means you aren’t handed off from a broker, to a loan originator or to someone else who services your loan. We manage the end to end experience and make sure what we promise upfront stays true right till you’ve paid off your loan.

Again, this is an open-ended question, so the manager is likely to give the investor a wealth of information. In some cases, the manager might highlight the potential for new analyst coverage, the possibility that the company may have a stronger year than most are expecting, or plans to promote the stock.

Investors want to know all the things you left out, and how you came up with the assumptions you made. Be prepared to impress by making sure you have an answer to all of these questions. When you are raising capital you are always going to get the same type of questions with regards to your business over and over again.

This question will let the investor know who the competition is, and/or who it may be in the future. It may also alert the investor to new products/services that may be coming to the market, which could impact the company at some point down the road.

• The price will be quoted to you and you will be able to make a trade with us and lock in your rate by phone only. An email confirmation of the trade is sent with the amount of digital currency you purchased and what rate you paid.

• Once you send us the payment in either USD or digital currency, we will begin the delivery process so that you receive your digital currency or US dollars. You will be emailed a confirmation and a receipt for your completed trade for your own accounting and tax purposes.

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