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“I am a standards-driven person who always takes responsibility for my actions. Over the years I have worked hard to improve my skills and also gain experience in areas that I feel will be a strong match for the values here at JP Morgan. I will provide excellent client service; I will be a supportive team member and I will always put the objectives of the organization at the heart of everything I do. I am a good communicator and I understand the importance of building long-term relationships both with work colleagues, external stakeholders, and clients. In my current job, I have been consistently praised during my performance reviews for exceeding targets and for meeting high standards. I’ve been very excited in the build-up to my interview today with JP Morgan and if I am successful, I promise I will always work hard, I will always improve and I will take responsibility for my career and carry out my duties with diligence, professionalism, and passion.”

“I want to work for JP Morgan for three reasons. Firstly, I am an ambitious person who wants to work for an organization where I will be continually challenged and pushed in my role. It’s important for me to continually grow and develop personally and professionally and this is a place I will be surrounded by like-minded people. The second reason is, JP Morgan has a set of Business Principles that are impressive and inspirational. The principles will ensure I always work to high standards and that means I will continue to build up an impressive set of skills and qualities. Finally, JP Morgan’s reputation amongst clients and the industry, in general, is very strong. I see my future here at JP Morgan and I only want to work somewhere that constantly innovates and improves.”

Every role is different and every individual is unique. There are no set questions, as we see so many different types of talented individuals and we will usually ask questions that are relevant for that moment to that person and role. The main thing is to be yourself, it’s natural to be nervous but, if you spend the short time you have with us full of nerves you will regret it the moment you walk out the door. Just don’t put yourself in the situation where you find yourself regretting not saying something or going for it fully. We only get to spend a small amount of time with you, so make sure that you really get as much across to us, so that we get to know who you really are. The questions won’t matter as long as you are confident and yourself, so just take a deep breath and give it everything when you come in to see us.

The working hours are very long and this is one of the biggest gripes people have in this industry. We make no secret of telling everyone that they are long and that they will never change. In short, we have to be available when our customers are. This means that whilst we spend time during the day speaking on the phone and doing the groundwork, the viewings start from the afternoon and can run up late into the evening as that is the time when people finish work and are available to view.

Morgan Randall is one of the very companies of its size and calibre that have the Senior Management team working day to day in every aspect of the organisation. You will see the CEO regularly and be able to approach and ask questions at anytime which are keenly welcomed and answered. There is regular feedback and training and your direct line manager will conduct regular reviews and one2one’s to monitor progress and achievements.

The training on the job is continuous and you get feedback constantly. It is always direct and honest so that you can grow and excel without any limitations.

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