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The post discusses most commonly occurring NFS issues in Linux and how to resolve them. 1. Error: “Server Not Responding” The Network File System (NFS) client and server communicate using Remote Procedure Call (RPC) messages over the network. Both the host->client and client->host communication paths must be functional.

Too many package managers makes Linux hard to learn and master Many Linux newbies start with Ubuntu. This should not take away from Ubuntu; it is a testament to its smart design and ease of use. In the terminal or on the command-line, these users will learn the apt package manager commands, as that is what Ubuntu uses.

Files under the Linux root (i.e. /) are controlled by WSL which mimics Linux specific behavior, including but not limited to: Files which contain invalid Windows filename characters Symlinks created for non-admin users Changing file attributes through chmod and chown

Install Kite on Linux by running one command: Kite will launch automatically after installation. You can also launch Kite from the Applications menu of your desktop environment. Why can’t Kite detect my editor, even though I have it installed? This is a known issue for a few JetBrains editor installations.
WSL mounts your machine’s fixed drives under the /mnt/ folder in your Linux distros. Using your mounted drives, you can edit code in, for example, C:\\dev\\myproj\\ using Visual Studio / or VS Code, and build/test that code in Linux by accessing the same files via /mnt/c/dev/myproj.
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