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Our app no longer supports withdrawals for US customers. Please use the web interface instead. 


  1. Visit https://poloniexus.circle.com
  2. Log in with your existing Poloniex credentials 
  3. Click the “Withdraw” button from within your Poloniex wallet (not available in the Poloniex mobile app)

For a list of wallets and exchanges that support USDC, please visit: https://www.centre.io/usdc

On October 18, 2019, we announced that Poloniex was spinning out from Circle into a new company, Polo Digital Assets, Ltd. US customers unfortunately weren’t included in this spin out, thus Circle is winding down operations for US Poloniex customers. As such, we provided a period of two months for customers to access their funds and execute any withdrawals as needed.
Remaining non-delisted assets in Poloniex US customers’ accounts have been traded into and stored as USDC. Your account balance is now available for withdrawal.

You can download your past Poloniex trade, withdrawal and deposit activity here. Transactions and history can be exported in CSV format and includes all data until December 16, 2019.

You’ll be able to download your transaction history both before and after withdrawing any USDC balance you hold: you will not lose access to exports without prior notice.

  1. Visit https://poloniexus.circle.com
  2. Log in with your existing Poloniex credentials 
  3. Select “Balances > History” on the top right corner
  4. Download the report(s) of your choice
By picking a coin listed on a specific tab, you select a trading pair to buy or sell. In the example shown below, the trading pair selected is ETH/ BTC where a user can buy or sell ETH in exchange for BTC. You can trade on either a desktop or a mobile device.
How to Withdraw
  1. Tap on the Wallet icon at the bottom left corner of your screen, and then Withdraw.
  2. Select the currency you wish to withdraw.
  3. Enter the destination address, and/or additional payment ID and the amount you wish to send.
  4. Enter your password to confirm.
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