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I used Shapeshift to convert BTC to XMR, and then had the XMR send to my Monero Desktop Wallet. This was the first time I used this. I noticed I had to sync, before the balance will show, but I don’t want to download the 30GB blockchain because I’m on capped data. This was the default and I used the receive address from the wallet to give to Shapeshift. Now, I read about and maybe I can avoid downloading the 30GB if I use a moneroworld node? But once I set up that remote node, the receive address is different, so do I have to just download the 30gb blockchain data before I can receive my funds?

Looks like I have been scammed by the fake Shapeshifter site, it was a substantial amount, 69 Monero.

It was the google search result of not

This is really going to hurt my family, is there ANY way of finding these Moneros or are they lost forever?

  1. I buy BTC on Coinbase, let’s assume that my BTC wallet address is publicly tied to my real identity.
  2. I use ShapeShift to convert the BTC to XMR.
  3. I receive the XMR in a wallet I’ve never used before on MyMonero
  4. I send the XMR to someone else using MyMonero ‘medium’ privacy settings.

Is there any reasonable way someone could tell that the final XMR transaction was connected to me and if they could, how much would they know about who I sent it to and how much I sent?

I forgot to send a Payment ID from Eth to Monero (via ShapeShift) and now the monero doesn’t show up in my wallet (I use Monero’s own wallet). ShapeShift says it is up to the monero wallet support to help me as the transaction went through they informed me. Who can help me on this matter?

Circle is currently taking hours to process, only to inform me that it fails. I’ve only ever exchanged USD to BTC before, so this is my first time exchanging BTC for another currency.

Being unable to find simple, straightforward exchange is a barrier to using these currencies. I’m not looking to be a trader. I just want to exchange BTC for XMR the easiest way possible. I don’t know why the exchange from Circle to ShapeShift is failing, but I need something that works.

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