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A secured loan is a loan in which the borrower pledges something as collateral for the loan. An example of a secured loan is mortgage or a car loan. In our case, the borrower gives to the lender an amount of money to hold as collateral for the loan he or she receives in bitcoin.

Bitcoin transactions are irreversible like cash. In contrast, credit card, debit card, and PayPal payments can all be reversed. To protect themselves from chargebacks, exchanges make clients wait for several days to get bitcoin, not allow credit card payments, set low limits on trades, or often, do all of the above.

Secure lending solves this problem by giving bitcoin as a loan. There is no waiting period to get bitcoin, and borrowers can pay for the security deposit and fees with their favorite payment method.

At xCoins, any user can be a borrower or a lender. When a borrower requests a bitcoin loan, the platform matches the borrower with a lender. The process is automatic and seamless. No communication between the borrower and the lender is required. The borrower makes a payment directly to the lender on the lender’s PayPal payment page. After the payment is made, bitcoin is automatically transferred to the borrower’s wallet.

The interest fee for a loan is paid as a one-time payment together with the loan security deposit. The interest payment amount does not depend on the loan term.

Lenders decide what interest rates to offer to borrowers. When you enter the loan amount and click “Get Bitcoin”, xCoins fetches the best offers matching the amount you requested. Out of all available offers, the system displays the one with the lowest interest fee. Because only one offer is displayed for each amount, lenders compete with each other to offer the lowest interest rates to you.
In addition to the interest fee, the borrower also pays the loan origination and payment processing or bank transfer fees.

We accept all payment methods currently accepted by PayPal:
Major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover
Debit cards
Bank account (ACH)
PayPal Credit
PayPal Balance
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