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It comes down to this: a degree of mutual trust. You must trust the person you are meeting and the other way round. Still, there are things you can do to protect yourself. See my Top Tips for Staying Safe here!

I can’t access Grindr and get an error message “Please check your connection settings and try again”

First, check: 
1) are you actually online and connected to the internet? 
2) are you using the latest version of the app? If not, updating it may help. Updating to the newest version seems to fix most issues!

The reason you get this error message is because there has been an error in communication between your Grindr app, and their servers. Sometimes it seems to be caused by the Internet connection you are on blocking Grindr, and sometimes it’s a technical issue with the Grindr servers. They seem to have had lots of issues with this lately and have pushed out many updates. Their latest version seems to be good on my Android phone.

Simple test if your Internet provider is blocking:
If you are on data change to an open wifi, if on wifi change to data. Then open Grindr and pull down to refresh the cascade/grid. If that works – no error message – then switch back your connection and try again. If you then get an error message it means your provider is blocking the Grindr app.
Note: One version I had seemed to have an issue where I got an error message – I then turned off wifi and went on data – refreshed grid – then went back to wifi and it worked. This bug seems to now have been fixed.

You can check for new versions of the
Grindr app by going to your
profile –> Settings, then tap
“Check for updates”

Usually when you get this message it’s because your cell/mobile provider blocks the connection from the Grindr app on your phone to the Grindr servers. Grindr is usually classed as an “adult” service/site and is therefore often blocked by default. Since Grindr is so well known it is usually included in the “adult filter” of a provider. While you may find other apps like Romeo, Hornet etc still work because they are less common and not in the providers adults only list. You can often contact your provider to get them to remove/lift the block for adult sites from your phone. Some providers even allow you to turn off the adult content filter yourself from their self-service website.
It may also be that you are using an old version of the Grindr app. Older versions had a lot of issues connecting to the Grindr servers; most of which now seem to be fixed. Therefore, try updating to the very newest version.

  • The chat and chat history in your inbox disappears for you and the blocked user
  • The blocked user disappears in the grid for you and the blocked user
  • You can no longer contact or view the blocked user
  • The blocked user disappears from your favorites (if you had made them a favorite)
  • The blocked user becomes visible again and the blocked user will see your profile in the grid (it takes a few minutes until the user shows up again in the grid)
  • The chat history is lost. Any chats you had with the blocked user are deleted when you block them and not recovered when you unblock.
  • You will no longer see the users profile in the grid
  • The chat disappears from your inbox
  • If you are messaging from your inbox and the user blocks you, you will get an error message saying the profile is not available
  • The only indication that you have been blocked is that the users profile is no longer visible/accessible from your profile, and if you go into your inbox you will also see that the chat with that user has now disappeared
No! Just deleting the app on your phone will not remove your profile from Grindr. Your profile is stored in the Grindr systems and not on your phone. You have to remove your profile from the Grindr app. To remove your profile see here.