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When two users’ location is within the same radius, happn establishes a crossing.

Your different crossing locations show up on your profile but don’t worry! Your exact position is never revealed to other users, and vice versa.
Indeed, whenever you cross paths with someone, your own location is displayed on the app in a radius defined by happn, but not the other user’s location.

happn saves your location for a limited amount of time so that the users you have crossed paths with are displayed on your home page.

If your suspicions are confirmed, it means the person has stolen either your Facebook, iCloud, or Google account login credentials, or phone number.

In the first 3 cases, you should contact Facebook, Apple or Google directly.

If you log in using your phone number, this means that your phone has been stolen, or that you have shared your login credentials with a third party (which is against our Terms of Service).

Either way, please contact the Customer Service as soon as possible so that they can block your account (after securing your Facebook, Google or Apple account first if you log in via text message).

Absolutely! We use third-party specialists in this field who use everything they can in terms of technical and operational resources to safely host happn users’ data in a reliable way.
These are not cookies, but trackers: they are tools that collect information on the user's phone to provide an optimal experience and for analytical purposes, i.e. audience measurement.
You can refuse the trackers used by happn for analytical purposes, but you cannot refuse the trackers used by happn for technical purposes, since they ensure that the application functions properly.

happn does not have this information. The App Store or the Play store does, according to the type of phone that you have.