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The Cost To compare the relative costs of purchasing these packages, simply sign in and click on the Subscribe button at the top of the screen, and the prices will come right up. You won’t have to enter any financial information until you’re ready. If you’re not a member yet, don’t worry. Since prices can vary and are subject to change, we just need a little information so we can show you the rates currently available to you. Click on Join for Free, and the single-screen sign-up process can easily be completed in less than a minute (you don’t have to complete your full profile before clicking on Subscribe at the top to get the rates). Package Options When you’re ready to start enjoying the benefits of full subscription, we’re pleased to offer you subscription packages that span six months, three months, or one month. Each option includes all of our standard subscription benefits. Although our rates page highlights the monthly average for each of the options (to help you compare the relative costs of the packages), your subscription package is charged in full when you subscribe. If you would like to be charged on a monthly basis, simply choose the one-month package.

Message Read Alerts are a great feature you can add for a small fee. It alerts you when a email you sent gets opened, no matter whether it was sent while signed into the site, or if you used our .  How do I add this service to my subscription? If you don’t have a subscription yet, simply subscribe, and there will be an option to add this feature to your package. To add Message Read Alerts to an existing subscription, sign in and follow these steps: Click on Account in the top navigation bar Click on Subscription Status Click on Subscribe To Additional Services Follow the prompts to add Message Read Alerts to your current subscription How do I know if my messages have been read? Once you’ve added it to your subscription, you can easily see if your email messages have been read. Click on Messages in the top navigation bar, then click on the “Sent” link. The right-hand column of your sent email list will show whether each email has been read, and if so, the date it was read. Will other members know when I have opened a message from them? If you receive an email from another subscriber who has purchased Message Read Alerts, they will be notified of the date you opened the email. The Message Read Alerts status is available on-site in the subscriber’s Sent folder for 30 days. I received a response to an email that I sent, but Message Read Alerts is showing the message as “Not Yet Read.” In a few cases, for off-site email (i.e. Hotmail, MSN, AOL, Gmail, Yahoo! email), the recipient of the email must have images and HTML enabled on their email client in order for Message Read Alerts to function properly. If the recipient of the email has text-only set for their email client, then the subscriber sending the email will not receive a “read” receipt from Message Read Alerts.

Our Guarantee program is about helping you find someone special. Our requirements for this program are simply meant to walk you through the steps that our experience and statistics have found to be the most effective. If you follow these basic requirements, we can guarantee that you’ll find someone special, or we’ll be happy to extend your time for another six months! For official rules and details, you can access our program rules page.

We know you'll meet tons of great people during your 6-month subscription with us. But, if you don't find someone special during that time, we'll give you an ADDITIONAL 6 months free to continue your search. The guarantee is included only on 6-month subscription packages and gives you access to all subscriber benefits. During your 6-month subscription, you must: Create a truthful profile with a primary photo and keep it visible to the public 100% of the time during your 6-month subscription term. Respond to, or initiate email communication with at least 5 unique members each month through the service. Comply with all of the Guarantee Program rules. NOTE: A unique member is one which you have not previously emailed. A "Qualifying Email" must be an email sent through the service and does not include any other method of communicating (such as winks, matchPhone™, instant messages, or emails sent outside of the system.) If you have not met someone special after six months and have followed all the program rules, you will qualify for the Guarantee extension at no additional expense to you. If you did not meet all the program requirements to qualify for the Guarantee extension, your six-month subscription will automatically renew like any other subscription, unless it is resigned before the renewal date. You can track your progress during your 6 month subscription by viewing your Progress Page.
Free Membership: What You Get Join for free and you can enjoy access to the largest online dating site there is! As a free member, you'll be able to create a profile, post photos, conduct searches, send and receive winks, and benefit from our unique matching systems that sift through all the choices and deliver potential matches direct to your inbox! Plus, you can also cruise the site and access your account from our mobile site or from our apps. Membership: How to Do It To join for free please follow these steps: Click on this link to visit the sign-in page. Click on the Join For Free link below the sign-in box. Fill out the online registration form and click on the Continue button. You are ready to fill out your profile and get started on your search for a match! Subscription: What You Get Subscribing to gives you access to a growing set of tools–on our main site, mobile site, or any of our apps–that will help you find the relationship you want and deserve. As a subscriber, you can: Receive and reply to messages from other subscribers  Send messages to members you are interested in See who has viewed or favorited your profile Connect faster with IM Keep track of all open Connections in one place – including those you've sent Winks to Remove members you're not interested in from your search results in order to make room for other possibilities Subscription: How to Do It To subscribe, you'll need to sign up for a free account (if you haven't already done so), then sign in and click on the Subscribe button at the top of the screen. The screen will direct you to choose from our  and then will walk you through the billing process. Free Trial A free trial is a great benefit that allows you for a few days to enjoy the full range of subscription benefits. Click  for more information on free trial promotions.