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No, it is not mandatory to have an account if you want to browse the website and place an order. If you place an order as a guest without using an account, it is important that you have a valid email address and mobile number as you will be asked to enter it during the purchase process. We use this to send you details about your order, such as your order confirmation (which contains your order number and if applicable, tracking number) and updates on the progress of your order, such as shipping and delivery notification. Please do not delete this information as it is needed to perform any action related to your order.

We recommend that you register an account for the benefits mentioned in the next answer.

Having an account can make the experience more convenient for you, as it allows you to:

  • Receive regular updates from us
  • Receive exclusive offers and special perks
  • Easily track your order
  • Easily register your products
  • Store certain details such as your preferred delivery address for easier and faster checkouts
  • Get dedicated customer support

Yes, you can manage your account and other personal information by taking the following steps at any time:

  1. Step 1. Log in to your account by visiting _www.lg.com/in
  2. Step 2. Select ‘my account’
  3. Step 3. Select ‘profile’ and click “Update your personal details’

Shopping at LG.com is easy and secure. Placing an online order requires just a few steps:

  • Select an item you would like to purchase, and then click the Buy Now button from either the quick view or product detail page.
  • You can then choose to continue shopping which would allow you to browse and add more products, or you can go directly to Checkout.
  • If you choose to continue shopping, when you have finished browsing and adding products to your Shopping Cart, please click on the Shopping Cart at the top right corner of page, and follow the Checkout steps.
  • During the Checkout process, you will be asked for the delivery address and payment details. At present we are only accepting prepaid orders.
  • An email will be sent to your email address containing confirmation of receipt of your order and an order number.

If you are facing any technical difficulties with the website, please call us toll-free at 1800-315-9999 or 1800-180-9999 or contact us via email through https://www.lg.com/in/support/email or WhatsApp at 9711709999.

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