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 Try closing out of the app and rebooting it. If this doesn’t work make sure you have the latest version of iOS installed on your device! Also make sure your wifi/hotspot is working correctly. If your game is still crashing or not loading, please contact our support team via the in-game “Report An Issue” button or email at

Yes you can. Remember that the only way to transfer your account to a new device is to have it linked to a Game Center account. Login to Game Center on your new device and the game will ask if you want to load your village on the new device.

Clash of Clans supports only one account per device. Playing multiple games on a single device is the best way to permanently lose all your villages.

Currently it’s not possible to restart your game. However, you can start a new game on any device that doesn’t have a previous game of Clash of Clans on it.
Once deployed on the battlefield, your troops are autonomous and cannot be controlled. Each time you deploy a unit, a crosshair will highlight the unit’s first target. Different units will attack according to their capabilities and preferred targets. To optimize your attack strategies learn about how each unit works on the Barracks’ Troop Training screen. Also check defensive turrets’ info as well to learn which units they target.
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