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Outdated software can also cause your TomTom to no longer receive a GPS signal. Always make sure your TomTom is completely updated to the latest version.
Since TomTom does not have such a business reason, we have made sure that our data processing operation does not maintain information regarding user-, or device locations in identifiable form. That means we cannot track a specific user or a specific device.

TomTom has made more than 60 Sat Nav models obsolete. These will continue to work as they do today, but the map displayed on-screen will become out-of-date and as such navigation will be less accurate. … It says that means “the period of time TomTom supports your device with updates, services, content or accessories.

How to update your TomTom device?
  1. Make sure MyDrive Connect is installed on your computer. Download for Windows® …
  2. Connect your sat nav to your PC via the USB cable. MyDrive Connect will start automatically. …
  3. A new screen will open, login and choose the updates you would like to perform.
Software Installation
  1. Connect your USB cable to both the TomTom unit and your PC.
  2. Power the unit on.
  3. Open “My Computer” and double click on the “TomTom” icon.
  4. Double-click on the “TomTom.exe” file. This installs the TomTom Software. Select the “Update” icon to update your TomTom GPS.