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Experience fast connections, reliable Internet service with thousands of access numbers nationwide, and other great member benefits such as free email.

Juno offers the following Internet access services. Click the link to read more.
Juno Turbo (for PC only) – The fastest dial-up surfing you can get! Includes 5 GB of email storage, NortonTM AntiVirus online and more!
Free Internet Access (for PC only) – Up to 10 hours of Internet access per month.
Juno Toll-Free (for PC only) – Connect to the Internet using Juno’s toll-free 800 access number plus get all the features of Juno Turbo.
Juno DSL – Surf the web with blazing fast broadband speed, plus get free Norton AntiVirus online and more.
We currently offer Juno Platinum only for Mac OS X users. If you use a more recent version of the Mac OS, you will not be able to use Juno Platinum. If you are using Mac OS X, simply visit www.juno.com from your Mac and sign up for a Juno Platinum Mac account.
Yes. In order to use a dial-up Internet service you must have an active home phone line or land line. To check if your phone line is active, plug a regular telephone to your wall jack and listen for a dial tone
Absolutely! Juno is compatible with the most popular Instant Message programs such as Yahoo, AOL/AIM and Windows Live Messenger.
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