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The cause for a sending failure of an e-mail may be the blacklisting of the recipient system. In that case you will be informed by a return e-mail (bouncer). This mail contains information as to why your message failed to send and what can be done about it. Through this form you can report such blocks. Mails that could not be sent due to a crowded inbox or an erroneous configuration are not part of the “blacklisting” category.

Phishing-mails and faked websites that are hosted on the WEB.DE, GMX or infrastructure, or sent out using this infrastructure, can be reported through this form.

The maximum size of an email is 100 MB. Please note that in case of encrypted transmission, the file size must not exceed 72 MB as the remainder is required for encryption.

We do not recommend sending emails with attachments of this size. This can cause extremely long download times and/or cause various error messages.

If you need to provide multiple megabytes of data via the internet, we recommend the use of WebDAV technology. deploys a number of filters to ensure that your emails are correctly evaluate with respect to spam potential. If an email is incorrectly identified as spam, the user can retrospectively tag the mail as non spam. The email address of the sender is then automatically added to the whitelist for the mailbox in question. Any further emails from the same sender are automatically placed in the Friends & Buddies folder in future.

Whenever an email can’t be delivered, always sends an error message to the original sender. Please refer to the list of error messages to discover the reason why your email couldn’t be sent.

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