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To troubleshoot any persisting Mozilla Thunderbird email issues, a user can start the Thunderbird in the Safe Mode. It is because a user can change the Thunderbird settings in the safe mode. If required, one can disable add-ons also, which creates Thunderbird issues.

Some of the most critical problems with Thunderbird that is unable to recover Thunderbird Email which is permanently deleted (or accidental deletion of files). Many users use some System Cleaning utility that speeds up the functionality of your system by cleaning the unwanted files.

Sometimes, problems with Thunderbird can be caused by the add-ons that you have installed within your application. To check which particular add-on is causing the issues with Thunderbird is to start the Thunderbird Safe Mode. To do that, process these steps: Press and hold down the Shift key when open the Thunderbird application.

Thunderbird does not provide direct support services. In other words Thunderbird does not offer support via email, fax, chat, phone, remote, nor paid support. Instead we rely on our volunteer community (which includes you) to help users. We hope that you, a Thunderbird user, will become a Thunderbird community member.

Thunderbird has many cool features. Thunderbird gives you control and ownership over your email. There are many add-ons available for Thunderbird to extend and customize your email experience.

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