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  1. Spread the word
    Signal is a collaborative open source project and does not have a dedicated PR department. We rely on our users to help explain the benefits of using our software. Friends don’t let friends send plaintext!
  2. Help translate
    Update translations so your friends and family feel right at home when messaging or calling from Signal. 
  3. Contribute code
    If you have Android or iOS development experience, please consider helping us tackle some of the open issues in our GitHub repositories.
  4. Upgrade your online shopping
    Amazon will donate .5% of your purchases to Signal. Use this link to sign up and support Signal Technology Foundation. When you shop at Amazon use instead of That’s it.
  5. Contribute money
    Donate here. Your donation helps pay for the servers, bandwidth, and continued development of an app that is used by millions of people every day for secure, free, and instantaneous communication anywhere in the world. 

Absolutely. All Signal calling and messaging is done over the internet. As long as you are connected to the internet without any restrictions, then everything will work just as it did when you were home. Your contacts can still reach you at your Signal registered number. In order to reinstall or re-register Signal, you need access to SMS or calls to your SIM card. Contact your mobile provider before you head abroad to make sure you can receive SMS or calls to that number if you plan on reinstalling Signal or wiping your phone while away from home.

Yes, you can use Signal for work!

Your entire company can use Signal on Android, iOS, or desktop. Each phone must register with a separate number. You can not share phone numbers across multiple phones.

There are no settings to change in Signal to switch between personal or business usage.

Signal does not provide an email service. We recommend looking into the LEAP Encryption Access Project and Mailpile. Both of these organizations are working hard to make encrypted email easier to use.

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