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  1. One of the WORST experiences I have ever had. They send you tentative confirmation emails asking you to confirm your availability, that’s fine…but there is no information about who you would be speaking with so you cannot prepare. I moved to the next stages of the interview rounds, fantastic however my video link did not work, emailed and waited and tried the link multiple times, no response, no phone call, complete radio silence. As someone who owns the Recruitment function at their competitor, there can be LOTS of improvements done at TikTok for how they treat their candidates. Focus on the candidate experience because ultimately candidates are the face of the company.

I applied online and a few days later got an email from a recruiter to set up an interview with a team lead. The interview was pretty straight forward. No big trick questions. Interested in SNA experience and process. I could have been more prepared for some of the more technical questions.

First phone interview, CS trivia and a leetcode hard in 45 minutes. Interviewer did not care and started eating and not paying attention. the 996 work life is very visible.

Interviewed for the position of Machine Learning Engineer, I have submitted the written test but haven’t heard back. Four questions from hacker rank, I would say 2 easy algo and 2 medium, a total of 3 hours.

An initial phone screen with a recruiter followed by a coding interview with a member of the data team, a system design interview and a final call with the hiring manager.